Monday, March 12, 2007

Lord Lucan Awards - Best New Blog

The winner of the best new blog goes to a blog which is new and is good. Stating the obvious there. The winning blog has provided me with much entertainment with the author's rants on some of the characters around parliament and gives a proper intsight into the reality of the life of a bag carrier. A shared stance on the opinion of Iain Dale has swayed my opinioin in awarding the award to this blog and coverage over the last six weeks of Party Animals has been extremely amusing. Unlike myself, who might have off days (such as Friday where I had a slightly sore head) or won't update for a week because work gets in the way this blog gets updated regularly and with lengthy articles that one can enjoy while drinking their morning coffee. The winner of the Lord Lucan Award for Best New Blog 2007 goes to...
Hamer Shawcross

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Blogger Hamer Shawcross said...

Awww, thanks m'lud!

9:51 AM  

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