Thursday, March 08, 2007

Party Animals - They'll Cry If They Want To

Yet again it was Wednesday night last night which meant Party Animals. I missed the first 10 minutes as I was necking a large G&T after the Lords Reform vote (but I'll save that rant for later). Still my loss of those precious 10 minutes didn't destroy the viewing 'pleasure' that was Party Animals (in fact it probably increased it). Last week I missed the show completely as I was having a life. Anyway in tonight's episode we see Ashika "I'm fit and I'm asian" Chandiramani campaigning in the by-election and and Matt "Hello Boys" Baker came to visit and whisked her into a gay bar. Smart move that being a prospective Tory candidate and wandering into gay bars show's a real insight into the reality of the scriptwriters. Meanwhile back in London things take a sinister twist when Kirsty "Why do I exist" Mackenzie has a stalker. Fortuantely a brave knight in shining armour steps forward to guard and protect her. Unfortunatly this brave knight takes the form of Danny "You know I'm actually Kerron Cross" Foster. "You know I'm actually Kerron Cross" yet again wanders around like a lovesick puppy with his tongue hanging at "Why do I exist". For a fleeting moment you think that there might be romance when "Why do I exist" confides in Scott "Fancy A Shag" Foster that she quite likes "You know I'm actually Kerron Cross" but then it all fizzles out. "Fancy A Shag" was called in by the sturggling Labour party in the by-election which "I'm fit and I'm Asian" is standing. "Fancy a Shag" goes to "I'm fit and I'm Asian" and some form of dialogue occured although precisely what I'm not sure. "Fancy a Shag" then says f*ck off to "I'm fit and I'm Asian" to go and help the Labour campaign. "Fancy a Shag" then returns to London and finds his brother, "You know I'm actually Kerron Cross", fast asleep in bed and seems to attempt to rape him before telling him that he is helping the Labour campaign and they dance round the room listening to 80s music. Doesn't every researcher do that? Sophie "WooHoo" Montgomerie made a couple of brief appearances although I was too busy thinking what sort of noise she makes in bed to listen to what she was actually saying.
Oh, and "You know I'm actually Kerron Cross" told his boss, MP Jo "I'll grill your testicles" Porter that she had a drink problem. However, what this had to do with the storyline, I've no idea. In fact, I have no idea what anything had to do with the storyline or even what the storyline was. Yet again, this was poor, poor, poor but strangely compelling.

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