Tuesday, March 06, 2007

La Marchande du Lait Est Mort

Apart from finding the accidental publishing by Recess Monkey of Maggies death extremely funny. Yes funny because of the upset by the Cameron Youth that it has caused. I mean seriously some people are acting like their Mother had died. I just had a thought of how some good can come of this. The Nobel Prizes (you know Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace etc) are named after the professor Alfred Nobel who came up with the idea. Nobel was actually not exactly a saint he invented dynamite which became the weapon of choice at the time and killed many. After a French newspaper accidently published a premature obituary for him which stated "Le marchand de la mort est mort " (The Merchant of Death is Dead). Reading this obituary Nobel was so mortified of his previous doings he tried to leave a legacy for the good of the world and hence the world famous prizes came about. Who knows because of the accidental obituary of Maggie that Mr. Monkey published over the weekend in a few years time we may hear the words, "The Thatcher Award for Milk Production Goes To..." or "The Thatcher Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Mining Industry Goes To..." or "The Thather Award for Economic Stability Goes To..." or "The Thatcher Award...." (That's Enough. Ed)

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