Thursday, March 08, 2007

Party Animals - Executive Summary

Having just seen the last article I realise that it is quite long. However, in a slightly sad Danny "You know I'm actually Kerron Cross" Foster way, I wrote some brief notes after last night's episode to remind me what had happened when I came to writing this morning's review. So here is what I wrote which summaries very briefly what happened in Party Animals Episode 6...

Missed 1st 10mins - Having life
Ashika by elections - Goes into Gay Bar - CLEVER!
Kirsty stalker - SCARY!
Sexual Chemistry between Danny & Kirsty - brief 2 seconds one thinks something might happen.
Scott goes f*ck off to Ashika and agrees to spin Labour campaign.
Scott & Danny attempt to shag and then dance to 80s music
Oh, "Woo Hoo" appeared but not sure why.

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