Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Flying Teacups

Lord Lucan hears news of a meeting between senior Labour figures inculuding a couple of senior cabinet figures took place yesterday. The subject or the themes discussed are unknown but what is known is that the MP holding the meeting asked his dear bag-carrier to go and make some teas and coffees for the distingushed guests. The blessed induvidual dutifully went and made the beverages and then proceeded to load them all on tray to be bring into his boss' office. Managing the door was no problem for this experienced induvidual as he marched confiedently into the office with a nice straight back and sincere look on his face. However, evil lurked in the form of a telephone wire on the floor and this troopers foot got tangled. Gravity did the rest and brought the researcher down to the ground. Up went this tray of tea and coffee before landing in a massive heap on the floor. Oh the embarassment as cabinet members and senior party figures look on at the sheer clumsiness of this man. The boss sighs at the sheer incompetance that someone can't carry a tray and says "Remind me, when are you planning to leave?"

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Are you sure you are not actually dyslexic and have just been spelling dyspraxia wrong for all these years?

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