Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lord Lucan Awards - Best Peer

This award is the first Lord Lucan Award to be awarded posthumously (admitably it is only the second Lord Lucan Award to be awarded but there goes). The winner of this award was a former Cheif Whip before being shafted by Blair and his cronies in a bid for absolute control during a reshuffle. After being consigned to the backbenches he took his roll in parliament very seriously and was seen in his office working away almost every single day, which bearing in mind there are certain Peers who probably don't even know where the Chamber is makes this quite an achievement. However, he was always polite to staff and an instantly recognisable face that was as much a part of the House of Lords as the afternoon nap. Sadly, illness started to affect him towards the end of last year and just before Christmas he passed away. The tributes lead by Baroness Amos after his death in Chamber saw a number of Peers in tears, such was his popularity. The Lord Lucan Award for Best Peer 2007 goes to...
Lord Carter of Devizes

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without wanting to be insensitive, how can "Best Peer 2007" go to a dead peer? I know many of them might as well be dead for all the work they do, but surely at least one living one is going to be more influential in 2007?

Can't he be Best Peer 2006?? Or a special lifetime achievement award?

6:49 PM  
Blogger Lord Lucan said...

The Special Lifetime Achivement award is going to somebody else. Lord Carter was alive for the majority of last year on which I judged who would get best Peer and therefore he fitted the criteria.

Look here mate, these are my awards and I choose who wins and if I want to give awards to dead people I will give awards to dead people. End of story.

8:21 AM  

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