Thursday, February 22, 2007

Party Animals - The Fun Continues

Party Animals again last night and Lord Lucan decided to work late and watch it in the office and thank God he did. Why? At least when the programme got so despairingly bad one could turn to European Agriculture and alike to keep the pain away. The Russian mafia seemed not to have learnt from Neil Hamilton and Mohammed Fuggin' Al-Fayed and atttempted to get questions asked in the most seedy of manners. Danny "You know I'm actually Kerron Cross" Foster wandered around like a lovesick puppy winging and whining. The political story was on drugs but somehow nobody seemed to know why this existed although Scott "Fancy a Shag" Foster seemed to have more cocaine about than Columbia. Cocaine snorting was neverending thanks to Fancy a Shag's neverending supply of charlie and yet again we see how everyone in Westminster is on the stuff. Don't you know that they have cocaine sachets next to the sugar sachets in The Debate and Terrace Cafeteria? Fancy a Shag did indeed fancy a shag in last nights episode and stuck one up Kirsty "Why do I exist" Mackenzie whom You know I'm actually Kerron Cross fancied enormously and couldn't have sex with anyone else because of that.
Meanwhile in Tory camp Ashika "I'm fit and I'm Asian" Chandiramani got selected in some byelectioned constituency and had a bit of a lovers tiff with James "I've got a massive nob" Nothcote and that was it.
There was one genius line although I have forgotten it but that was it. Another appaling yet compulsive episode down. Maybe next week we discover that all bag carriers have a mass orgy in the Portcullis House atrium on Friday afternoons in the knowledge that the MPs are at their constituencies. Sadly no sight of journalist Sophie "WooHoo" Montgomery who by what she fails to do in terms of helpfulness to a storyline and acting ability makes up for in being fit, therefore here is a piccy of her...

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Blogger parburypolitica said...

Not sure about this one: James "I've got a massive nob" Nothcote

How about James "I've am a massive nob" Nothcote

11:43 AM  
Blogger Hamer Shawcross said...

I dunno, I quite like "Fat Tony". He has the distict whiff of the Simpsons' gangsta about him

1:10 PM  
Blogger Lord Lucan said...

You can tell though it's a tripod.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Joker said...

Sophie "woohoo" Montgomerie is indeed fit AND a journalist. I was bored yesterday, what can I say, so I searched out her journalistic endeavours.

Fire up Lexis Nexis, if you've got it folks, and enter the real name of our lovely Sophie who is "a journalist in real life".

* articles written by others about how "woohoo" she is
* articles written by herself about how "woohoo" she is.
* articles that begin with the word "I" and feature tales of sparkling dinner party repartee and how mummy and daddy are friends with very, very important people

See what you have left.

She's about as authentic as a journalist as she is as an actress.

I still would, though.

10:37 AM  

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