Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Terrace Turkeys

Being a busy Peer, Lord Lucan was unable to blog yesterday afternoon due to meetings and what have you. However, he did manage to pop down to the Terrace Cafeteria yesterday lunchtime to enjoy a couple of pancakes with maple syrup preceeded by a rather tasty beef stroganoff. However, I was rather alarmed to see on the menu and indeed on the counter seared Norfolk turkey escalope. Norfolk turkey are they trying to kill us. The media has made everyone turn into jibbering wrecks over the non-scary bird flu and then the Terrace Cafeteria go serving Norfolk turkey madness. Mind you, I bet they got them cheap from some dodgy food supplier "Ere got a bit of Norfolk turkey, bit of bird flu but hey you aint gonna eat it". Pictured above is the turkeys being got ready to send to the Terrace Cafeteria. I have to admit it wasn't very popular unlike the pancakes which were very tasty.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go on; you big Chicken!
Howler Monkey....

5:53 PM  

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