Monday, February 12, 2007

Dave Puffs The Magic Stuff

So it seems that Dave was on the wacky baccy whilst at Eton. Along with most MPs from all sides I do declare "so what". This is something that we have got to get more used to from our MPs and politicians. Drug use in schools started to become more common in David Cameron's schooldays and has never showed any signs that this will stop being the case. I'm not saying that every kid who went to school since the 1970s has taken drugs, I didn't and I know many people who didn't too. However, I also know of a lot more people who took did experiment with cannabis whilst at school. A young spotty teenager is not going to think as they are offered their first spliff "Oh no I mustn't because this will backfire when I am leader of the opposition". A result of this is that we can expect a lot more of our MPs and future MPs to have experimented with drugs in their past. I expect a handful to make similar statements on the back of Dave. However, our next generation of MPs will have even more former drug users and we have many a repeat of what happened this weekend. What is important is that they haven't taken drugs in their public life and that they aren't proud of what they have done.

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