Monday, February 12, 2007

The Bacon Fry

Sometimes something so odd happens whilst in the Sports and Social that you have to let the world know. Remember this man...He has now left this fine established from the shock of one of the worlds largest pork scratchings. However, the last wek things took a turn for the scarier when the most enormous bacon fry was discovered in the Sports and Socail Club. Here it is in its wrapping still untouched... Next to get size comparison here it is next to a 50p piece.And here is is in all it's glory...After much discussion of whether to a) Return to manufacturer and demand a refund. b) Send it to the Guinness Book of World Records or c) eat it, option c was the winning idea. Two brave souls tried it and descirbed itas soggy and quite minging here is one of the brave tasters tucking in. Mmm, yum yum...
Searches on the Guinness World Record website as well as a google search couldn't yield a current existing record for the world's largest bacon fry. Lord Lucan is now going to write them a letter with attached photo to see if this really was the world's largest bacon fry.

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