Thursday, February 08, 2007

Party Animals and Reggae Reggae Sauce

The prospect of watching England get beat in a game which I am widley considered a world expert on was just too delicious to make me go home and watch something else last night. Party Animals (which I had missed the first episode of) preceeded by the new series Dragons Den was on the menu. I was going to give you my two cents on Party Animals as everyone else has (see here, here, and for the best review here) but then there was something on Dragons Den which I want to share.

Pictured above is Levi Roots of Reggae Reggae Sauce. This man is a legend (although his real name is Kevin) anyone who starts a business pitch for £50,000 with reggae serenade, completely has no idea of his figures but wins investment is a good man in my books. He was selling his reggae reggae sauce (so could he named it twice) which is a jerk sauce for chicken and burgers and contains erbs, spices and tings and has its own song. Virgin Radio this morning had an interview with him and he was one of the most geniune and amusing men I've heard. Reggae Reggae Sauce is quite hard to come across particularly at the moment because supply can't reach demand but do check out the Reggae Reggae Sauce website here and put some music in your food. I also as a consequence have the Reggae Reggae Sauce song stuck in my head.

Moving onto Party Animals and seriously how bad is this? Danny is one of the most annoying people going. The script was poor. The old school Tories were just to unrealistic for belief. One ammusing bit was when Danny met his MP in the morning and she dumped three bags on him to carry, living up to the bag carrier reputation. Unless something good happened during the five minutes I went for dump this show was poor. However, it is one of those programmes which is so bad it is compulsive viewing. Hotel Babylon was in this category too and I was delighted to see that the second series of that is about to hit our screens.

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Anonymous neukenindekeuken said...

Never mind reggae reggae sauce - we all need to see the giant bacon fry. Come on Lord L, show the public what they need to see!!

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Blunt said...

Levi's real name is Kieth, not Kevin.
He was on Harry Hill's TV Burp last week

1:11 PM  

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