Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Light's On But Nobody's Home

It seems that stupidy has affected not just the House of Commons Refreshment Department (see here) but also the House of Lords as well. I'm sure you my well educated readers have heard phrases as "She's about as much use as a chocolate teapot", or "He's about as much use as a pork pie in a synagogue" and of course "That's about as much use as a solar power torched". Naturally a solar powered is not very useful as one would assume you want to use it when it is dark and therefore there would be no light to power it. So when searching the House of Lords Gift Shop lift for a suitable present for my new godson (yes Lord Lucan has become a goddaddy for the first time) imagine my surprise to see on the list "solar powered torch NEW...£19.95". Don't believe me here it is...The link for the Lord's gift shop price list is here (only works in Parliament). I can't think anyone would be stupid enough to buy this let alone at £19.95, far better off getting a maglite. Solar powered torch, I despair.

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Anonymous Carl Eve said...

Erm - so what about the solar powered lights you get in Homebase for your garden.
They charge up during the day, you use them at night (or under the stairs or in the basement if you're a boogyman).

Nothing mad about that...

6:35 PM  

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