Monday, February 12, 2007

World Record Letter

Here for your delight is the letter which I have just sent to Guinness World Records regarding the bacon fry...

The Lord Lucan
Records Management Team
Guinness World Records Limited
3rd Floor
184-192 Drummond Street

Dear Sir/Madam,
Whilst enjoying a drink with friends in a small bar in London the decision was taken to have some Smiths Bacon Fries. Imagine our surprise then when we found what I believe to the World’s Largest Bacon Fry in our randomly chosen packet. I have been on your website and done a wider search on the internet and can’t find any existing record for the World’s Largest Bacon Fry. Therefore I believe we hold the record for the World’s Largest Bacon Fry.
I have attached a number of photos of the Bacon Fry including one showing its size by comparing it to a 50p piece. I have used my A-Level in mathematics to calculate that since the height of a 50p piece is 2.5cm therefore the bacon fry is 3.5x7.5cm, which I am sure you will agree is quite a phenomenal size for a bacon fry. Sadly I am unable to send you the bacon fry as my frugal friends felt that food shouldn’t go to waste and promptly ate it. Although they did say it wasn’t very nice.
Due to circumstances beyond my control I am of no fixed abode at the moment. However, I am online. Therefore I would be wondering if you could be kind enough to confirm whether I do indeed hold the record by emailing me, my address is
I look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime I will continue to endeavour to find peculiar food products in public houses.
Kindest Regards,
The Lord Lucan

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