Monday, February 19, 2007

Dan the Man

Lord Lucan is not a member of the Labour Party thankfully but has been drawn to the fact that Daniel Carden is standing for Youth Officer to the NEC. Here is the link to his website. He bangs on about trade unions, up the workers, down the fat cats and viva la revolution and all that mumbo-jumbo. However, young Dan who apart from being the poshest scouser I have ever heard also has been called Lord Lucan's little bro and therefore in a spirit of keeping it in the family Lord Lucan along with Amicus, the T&G and TSSA is backing Dan, he is after all an excedingly handsome chap. So come on Dan the Man.
Many thanks to Barry's Beef for informing me of Dan's standing.

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Blogger Barry Beef said...


I am not sure whether support from active Tories is what your little bro needs, or deserves for that matter.
Why did you post a picture of you and not Dan though?


p.s Bit of arrows tonight? Got a match so will be down for a couple to settle the nerves, find my range ...

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should be aware that the vote was cast on w/e and his opponent won.

Dan positioned himself as the lefty vote and his opponent was the New Labour/righty contender. She was always going to win by all accounts.

Weirdly, despite the usual way of things, the young Labour brigade are fairly right wing (old gits before their time) and most would not feel out of sorts at a hot tub part-ay with Blair, Hewitt, Reid et all. Indeed, many young wannabees would be happy to lather them all up and clean the fluff from their belly buttons.... and guess what? When the next leader is in, the same bunch will be ready and waiting with the loofers and soap suds.


12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why does CArden have a link to Guido's site? It is poo and not exactly the image he wants to put accross.

Its just a bunch of under sexed and seriously unnattractive tory men perving at women's tits.

Silly silly man. He should have put a link up for Barry's Beef. Much more credible and with a sense of humour.

5:17 PM  

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