Friday, October 06, 2006

Bar Open At Last

Friday as usual means a liquid lunch (as does Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday). This normally means going to the Sports and Social, waiting for 45 minutes to have my pint poured and then only 15 minutes to drink it. However, with the fact my boss is out the office today I had over an hour. I ventured down to the Lord's Bar and Restaurant which to my delight I discovered was open. Kolly was behind the bar and service was rapid. The place has lost its rustic charm and the best way to describe it is that if they put a bar in Portcullis House this is what it would look like. However, I do have one concern. There are seats round in the eating area but in the bar bit there are stools which are quite high and very slippery. I am looking forward to seeing many a drunken researcher falling off the stools, hopefully starting tonight. Watch this space.


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