Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Weekend Events

Feeling that London wasn't quite far enough from the Lib Dems stalking in Brighton, I decided to take off to Beccles on the Norfolk/Suffolk boarder this weekend to a party. The party was incredible with marquees, live band, DJ, three course meals, champagne you get the idea. However, it was stuffed full of Tories of the objectionable type who will not accept to one degree that their political ideals might be wrong and have a send them home or lynch them mentality. I spoke to one bloke who had been to Harrow who was so unpleasant that I almost told him I was a communist just to annoy him. However, there was a very pleasant person who sat next to me at dinner who worked for the FCO who gave me an insight into life at the foreign office. "Jack Straw was great, he always wandered around talking to staff and liked to know what was happening", she said, "Beckett is awful she still hasn't met the majority of FCO staff and should bugger off on her caravan". So all well in the FCO then. Amusement though came from the journey up when somehow conversation moved to Enoch Powell and my idiot friend Tom in one sentence proved that the country was not dumming down as he said "Enoch? Isn't he in Star Wars?". No, that would be an Ewok.


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