Friday, September 15, 2006

Holy Appartions in Food and Drink - The Pictures- Part II

Blogger is being it's usual helpful self and won't let me do all this on one article as it is too big. So if you haven't read Part I, read it and then come back here (you may want to read the article below it to understand why I'm on this subject in the first place).

Anyway, as I was saying...Nobody, however, has made more food and drink apparitons than Jesus himself. Considering how many times he has appeared somebody must of missed him and eaten him. Indeed they have and it only showed up when he appeared in the x-ray of their teeth: However, plenty of people have caught him before they have consumed their product. He was a fisherman of course which may explain his presence in at least two seafoods. Firstly in a shrimp: and then in an oyster:
As for meek and humble, you can't get much more meek and humble than by turning up in a dumpling:
However, if Jesus doesn't appear in your meal don't worry he may still occur afterwards during the washing-up, just before you do the frying pan:
If your house has damp check that plaster very carefully before fixing it, because he can appear in your damp:
I have saved my favourite two though till last. This one, while the apparition is not too clear the story behind it is great. Jesus appeared in the overflow of a mug of hot chocolate in Columbia and a shrine was immediately set up with pilgrims coming to pay homage to the mug. The photo is below but to see news item on the holy mug and the pilgrims click here:
Finally, this is the holy toaster, every single slice of toast it makes has an apparition of Jesus on it. It was sold at on ebay though I don't know how much for but going on the grounds how much the toastie went for I imagine loads:


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