Thursday, October 05, 2006

Only In America

I don't normally cover events across the pond for two reasons. One, America runs in such a ridiculous way that it is best to leave them to themselves. Two, they aren't very important. However, this is good and probably one of the best examples of incredible bad taste going. The 9/11 (or 11/9 as we say in the UK) Commission have turned their report into a comic. Talking about it last night someone said, "It's a graphic novel". GRAPHIC NOVEL MY ARSE, IT'S A F*CKING COMIC. This really has to be one of the worst things possible. Thousands died and you put it in the same league as Dennis the Menace and The Bash Street Kids. The picture above is from the book but what really shows the naffness of this is that there is a Batman like "BLAMM!". This really is bad taste but I'm almost tempted to buy it just to own it as a coffee table book that will really be a conversation piece. Incidentally you can get the book from Amazon for £9.59, click here.


Blogger vanman said...

Please tell me that picture is a joke. Assuming there's some level of continuity do they also have the twin towers with something like "SOK!" and "KAPOW!" emblazoned over them?

1:42 PM  
Blogger Lord Lucan said...

The picture is not a joke and yes there are sound effects as the planes hit the twin tower.

1:53 PM  
Blogger 2Darts said...

Are you sure some Al-Qaeda graphic designer isn't involved in all of this? Does it feature George W. with a cape?

11:19 AM  

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