Friday, September 15, 2006

Holy Appartions in Food and Drink - The Pictures- Part I

I'm sorry I couldn't resist, after the last piece about Jesus appearing in a pint I thought I had to show you some of the best holy apparitions in food and drink. First up the Mother Theresa in a bun (aka The nun in a bun). This is the only known apparition of the good hearted nun known in food and drink but if you know of any others please do let me know. While Mother Theresa may only have made one food or drink apparition. However, the Virgin Mary has popped up in a couple of times. Firstly in a chocolate factory where a pile of chocolate had dripped itself into her shape and an observant factory worker noticed:

Also a slightly disformed pretzel once looked like her, although I'm inclined to call this one a set up: My favourite Mary apparition though has to be this one where she appeared in a cheese toastie. The strange worrying thing is that the consumer of this toastie had already had a bite when they realised that Mary was in their sarnie. The thing was auctioned ten years later and it sold for $28,000 (Don't believe me? Click here):


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It's amazing what you can do with a piece of tin foil and appears scissors.
Howler Monkey

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