Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Anyone seen a fat bloke called John?

I'm back! Again! But only for a few days! (I think that is enough exclamation marks). My goodness what a lot has happened since I went away. In my last post I was struggling for news and had to write about a lost pigeon. All the heat is on the PM though now. When will he go and will Gordon get a smooth transition. Everyone seems to have a view. "Go now", cries one corner. "Go by the elections next May", cries another. "Be immortal and stay PM forever", cries the next. "We can't have a Jock as PM". You get the picture. However, one corner is very quiet, the Deputy Prime Minister's corner. Remember when Prezza got stripped of all his roles and nobody knew what he did? Eventually he said was one of his roles were to ensure a smooth transition of leader. Well he is doing well here then. The Labour Party is in meltdown, not that I am complaining and Prescott seems to have gone all Nero and fiddling whilst all round him burns. Though what he is fiddling we have to leave to the imagination. As for the rest of us, we can sit back and look forward to a fortnights time and Labour's jaunt to Manchester...will this be the first time riot police will have to be inside the conference hall than outside?


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