Friday, August 25, 2006

A Coo of a Story

It's Friday, and after a week of being back at Parliament it is time for me to go back into hiding for a while, but don't worry guys I'll be back soon. However, there is still one more day of blogging to do and time is precious so I'll get on with it. With bugger all happening in Westminster (the combined effect of it being Friday and recess makes this place about as busy as Chernobyl) one's mind is drawn elsewhere and to this story. John Stewart (pictured) is an old man from a very small place in Northamptonshire called Hadston. I looked up Hadston on the net, there genuinely is nothing eventful there at all. Mr. Stewart enjoys pigeon racing. Hell, we've all got to have a hobby. Interestingly, someone told be you can always spot a pigeon racer from their tan and stiff neck after years of standing outside looking up at the sky - but I digress. Now it really is amazing how you can let a pigeon out of box in Northern France and it can find's it way back to your home in Northamptonshire just like that. Only Mr. Stewart's can't. When Mr. Stewart released Judy (his prize pigeon) in July and she never returned he assumed the worst. But Judy has been found, and identifiied as Mr. Stewart's by the ring on his leg. Only Judy hadn't been found in France or Britain or even Europe for that matter. No, Judy was found over 3,000 miles away in the carribean island of St. Eustatius (which is just north of St. Kitts and Nevis). Apparantly he hitched a lift on boat. Arrangements are now in place to reunite Judy with Mr. Stewart. What a lovely story. However, I worry that Judy may wish to borrow Mr. Stewart's glasses as below are two picture one is of Northamptonshire and one is of St. Eustatius, can you spot the difference?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Err, thats Hadston, Northumberland (Northumbria).

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