Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lib Dumbs Look a Bit Odd

Conference season is fast approaching upon us. We have had the TUC this week but as we all know nobody gives a toss about the Unions so they don't count. Coming up we have the Labour conference/infight in Manchester. Good thing that the party colour is red, it'll hide the blood. After that we have the Tories full of spirit and joy which will be sucked out of them the moment they step foot in horror that is Bournemouth. But before for all that the Lib Dumbs are off to Brighton. Meeting the only decent Lib Dumb known last night in the bar, he showed me his conference pass. The fact that he was hungover the day the photo was taken didn't help but Cowley Street had also seemed to have had a problem with their pass printing software. The result of this incompetance is that people's face have been squashed vertically. So in a favour to you dear readers, may I present my impression of what the photo on certain Lib Dumb's conference passes may look like. First up we start with the man you would most trust were he to offer you a werther's original, Lib Dumb leader Ming Campbell: Next, the Lib Dumb who really will fit in the scene in Brighton, hamster lookalike and famous bald, Mark Oaten:
What about the involuntarily chaste belle of the Lib Dumbs, Sarah (at the end of my) Teather:
Astroid watcher and anagram, Lembit Opik
and last but not least, he's ginger from Scotland it's Charlie Kennedy:


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