Thursday, September 14, 2006

Drinking Can Be Dangerous...Apparently

I want to talk about a subject very close to my heart, booze. Not only is booze in the news today (click here) saying that among other things the alcohol limit for under 25s should be cut for drivers. This is a load of cr*p so much so you could almost have a case here for age discrimination if you were one of those people who like going to court. If you want to cut the limit fine but it has to be cut for everyone don't leave one rule for some and one rule for another. A 60 year old over the limit is just as dangerous as a 22 year old the same amount over the limit. Drink driving whoever you are is dangerous and stupid, there should be no distinctions. However, booze was also in the news yesterday (click here). Intreastingly enough the BBC has put this item in the Merseyside part of the news website although it was on the TV and radio national news, clearly they know the source of the problem. Here parents are encouraged to teach their children to drink responsibly. Professor Make Bellis says, "The ability to drink alcohol sensibly is not a gift people are born with but one that must be learnt. By the age of 15, the vast majority of young people are already using alcohol and this study suggests that those who do so with their parents are more likely to avoid the most dangerous drinking behaviours". I remember Mother Lucan teaching me to drink responsibly, when I was about 8 I was given a seriously watered down small glass of wine with a fancy meal, at about 12 I was allowed one proper glass of wine and at 14 my Uncle took me to the pub for the odd pint. All in all I was taught how to enjoy drink sensibly and the dangers of over-consumption. I will leave it to you dear readers to conclude, particularly those who may have seen me in the S&S on the odd occasion as to whether Prof. Bellis is right in his assumptions!!


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