Thursday, August 24, 2006

Barking in Double Standards

The Blessed St. Ruth, patron saint of communities and local government, launched her Commission on Integration and Cohesion which will look at how communities in England takcle tensions and extremeism. In responce to that I had a look a Barking and Dagenham website at their Adult and Community Services and the subsection on Racist Incidents (click here for link). The council page says this "We are committed to promoting equal opportunities and celebrating diversity...We want to support equal opportunities for all sections of our community and remove all discrimination. To do this, we need to reduce all types of discrimination...We will not accept any form of racism...we are committed to reporting, recording and acting on all racist incidents...Racist attacks and racial harassment are against the law and are usually known as 'racist incidents'." That's very interesting coming from a council where the second biggest party is the British National Party who are a load of racist thugs in suits such as Cllrs Jamie Jarvis, Robert Buckley and Darren Tuffs (l-r top) or old farts who are set in their ways and long for the return of the empire such as Cllr Ronald Doncaster (left). I'm not a resident of Dagenham and Redbridge but you can report racists incidents to the Adult and Community Services so if you are a resident please do report over 20% of their council for being racists to


Anonymous Pookie said...

Very very interesting specimens. Have you seen the Channel 4 programme “What makes us Human?” Perhaps these thumb less, gutless, heartless - but most tragically – hopeless men need to remember how wonderful life is and stop being so scared. It will mark a step up on evolutionary ladder for them and a step out of the Dark (for want of a better term!) Ages for Dagenham.
Fantastic work M'Lord. Keep up the good work!

1:51 PM  
Blogger 2Darts said...

Name them and shame them!!!!

3:09 PM  

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