Thursday, August 24, 2006

GCSE Results Today

The General Certificate of Secondary Education results come in today. Expect therefore images very simaler to the one on the left on all news channels. Young girls, looking at bits of paper, screaming and hugging each other. It is expected that the results make another record, with 135% of students getting 10 A*** or more and only one bloke in Southshields getting a B or below and a foetus in Reading has been the youngest person to get an A* ever having done a GCSE in nuclear physics at the age of -6 months. The government will avoid the issue of dumbing down with the line, "These students have worked very hard to get their results and I don't think we should take their hard work away from them by saying the exams have got easier but should join in their celebration". However, I don't wish to celebrate as I did quite enough of that last night (small hangover today). I want to say the damm things are getting easier. There is no logical way I got the results I got when I sat my GCSEs without dumbing down (for the record I got 2A*s, 6As and 2Bs) when my A-level results were such a shocker (2Cs and a D). I had multiple choice and stupid infant school pictures. Biology revision consisted off skimming over a revision guide for an hour before the exam and I still got an A. This was a few years ago so they must be so much easier, something on the lines of turn up and write name on top of paper and get A*. It is interesting that employers are saying their are people coming out of school with GCSEs who can't read and write and do sums properly. GCSEs aren't dumbing - rubbish!


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