Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dave C and Mandela: Spot the Difference

The BBC website is a marvellous tool but sometimes they do come up with the odd gem. Remember the urgent probe into Dame Shirley Porter. Well yesterday they have covered the meeting between Dave C and Nelson Mandela. Now I know people are getting more stupid but if they haven't heard of David Cameron they are more than likely to have heard of Mandela. If they don't know much about him they certainly know he is black. However, the BBC just to make things clear to us have given us the helpful caption "Mr Cameron (R) is on a two-day visit to South Africa". Well stone the crows I thought that was Dave on the left and he'd just got a damm good tan on summer recess. However, just to really clarify hover your mouse over the picture and you get "Nelson Mandela (L) and David Cameron". Honestly, how stupid do the BBC think we are? What other stupid captions can they do? A photo of the pope with "The Pope who is Catholic" or a snap of a bear and "Bear: sh*ts in the woods". Latest BBC propaganda will soon say "Why do we go to the ends of the earth to patronise you and make you feel stupid? Because at the BBC this is what we do".


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