Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Strange Subjects

A couple of months ago I reported on a mildly amusing email from Save the Children. A few weeks ago I reported on how Lord Lucan, Barry Beef and noticable others showed off our great knowledge and triumphed in the Sports and Social Quiz Night. However, now the two stories combine as Save the Children email me asking as the email subject, "What do you, your mum and your grandma have in common?". Don't believe me, click on the picture to enlarge. Tricky question, however, my guess was that we were all related. However, I was wrong. Apparently we have all received child benefits as the child benefit system is 60 in August. I think though there is the potential for stupid yet amusing answers to the question though and invite you to stick your answers in the comment box to...What do you, your mum and your grandma have in common?


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