Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Locking the Tower Block Door after the Burgular has Bolted

Sir Ian Blair, what a prat. This bloke takes idiot to the extreme. He has had more scandal than any Met Police comissioner. This time though he seems to have forgotten to take his medicine and has lost the plot. This is what he said what is going on at a Haringey tower block, "It's as if, when the slums they replaced were flattened and they put that up, the police stopped patrolling, so it's quite an interesting concept, and people are opening their doors, leaving their doors open now, or leaving them unlocked, certainly, in a way they haven't done for 25 years, so there's some interesting things going on."

In my opinion there will be lots of blokes in black and white stripped jumpers with a Zorro like mask over their eyes and a black bag saying SWAG on their backs all over Haringey hoping for easy pickings as their is only a community patrol officer to avoid and helping themselves via open doors. However, I doubt a single person does actually leave their door open so our burgular friends will end up banging their heads against the wall (trying to force their way in).

With this tosh coming out of Sir Ian's mouth he needs to put in a padded house and the door should never be unlocked or opened.


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