Thursday, July 13, 2006

MP4 Live Gig Sensation

All aboard the good ship The Golden Jubilee for Rock the Boat featuring the infamous band MP4, which for the ignorant among you is made up of 4 MPs. This was one of those functions for MPs to network with the music industry people but really turns into a bit of a drink up. Things weren't helped from the word go as the House of Commons had an unexpected early rise so a lot of MPs took the evening off and sent their staff instead who were just there for the booze. A free bar was there and an extremely good BBQ featuring prawn kebabs (apparently there are always prawn kebabs at BBQs which MPs attend). After Lord Lucan had had a couple of Pimms MP4 hit the stage. MP4 are made up of 2 Labour MPs, Ian Cawsey (Bass and Lead Vocals), Kevin Brennan (Guitar), one Tory, Greg Knight (Drums) and SNP MP Pete Wishart (Keyboard). They played a variety of cover songs including that one Keane did but at a speed so fast the crew on the ship nearly had to call Ian Cawsey an ambulance. Also among their playlist was Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out of my Head, only for fear of slurs on their sexuality the line "Boy, just can't get you get out of my head" was changed to "Girl, just can't get you out of my head". Oasis was played also and the night was ended by Money Can't but me Love (but possibly it can get me a Peerage) by The Beatles. They reminded you of your embarassing dad when he hits his mid-life crisis and plays the guitar and drives a harley. A good night seemed to have been had by all but that might have just been the food and free booze and the fact it was on a boat. The email promoting the event said "BBQ-Drinks-MP4 Live-Does life get any better?". I'll get back to them on that but I have a feeling life does get better. My thanks though to the dear reader who blagged the tickets, muchos gracias indeedos.


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