Thursday, July 20, 2006

What is Charles Clarke Doing?

Ex Home Secretary and all round fat bloke with big ears, Charles Clarke did something a little odd yesterday. As I was in a massive queue to pay for my lunch from the Terrace Cafeteria I spotted Mr Clarke come in to the cafeteria with his tray. He then proceeded to ignore all the sandwiches, hot meals and drinks (including those really nice iced doughnuts) and walked into the dining area with an empty tray. Why? I have two theories. Theory 1 is that Charles Clarke has realised he is a little bit podgy and has gone on a crash diet of eating nothing. However, to compensate he still sits in a dining area with a tray in front of him so it is like he is eating. Theory 2 (and I'm more inclined to believe this one) is that he was robbing the tray. He is still resentful of being given the boot and has decided he is going to ruin John Reid by making the crime figures go up. His crime of tray robbing is small and petty yet is a statistic in the figures that Clarke will get his vengence on Reid for. What do you know crime figures out today show there has been a rise in robberis from 90,747 to 98,204. Which leaves one question. What is Charles Clarke going to do with 7,457 trays?


Blogger Barry Beef said...

funny stuff My Lord.
Personally, I lie the theory that he took his empty tray into an empty room and pretended he was still Home Secretary talking policy at ppl who don't exist.

9:20 AM  

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