Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who's The Mug?

Various Parliamentary staff are going on "awaydays" shortly. These are normally all the same trappings and boredoms of work but in a different place. However, news reaches me of what must be the worst awayday ever. A certain department (I will not name them because it must be so embarassing for them) had been rumored to be going paintballing. I went on a paintballing awayday some years ago and it was fantastic. However, somewhere along the line the words paintballing and mug painting got confused. The truth is in fact that this department is not going anywhere near a combat jacket and mask but instead are donning their aprons and heating the kiln to paint ceramic mugs. To make matters worse all the departments names are going in a hat, each person draws a name out and has to depict their drawn name via the means of painting a mug. I think this must be the worst awayday ever, however, if you can beat it please let me know in the comment block.


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