Friday, July 14, 2006

Great Minds Win Lovely Bubbly

The genius of Lord Lucan, Barry Beef and three others (Chris Goodall, Black Rod's Dept; Pooki, Labour Researcher; Ben Stewart; job centre) made the rest of Parliament look stupid as they won the Sports and Social quiz night. The knowledge required ranged from the names of the children in the lion, the witch and the wardrobe to who lives in the top left hand corner of Wales. In the end our team with the slightly crass name 'I wish this microphone was a pen*s' (if you don't get it think for a bit then you'll realise why it is funny) won by 8 points and were rewarded with a bottle of champagne. The winning team is pictured I have protected the identity of Lord Lucan and Barry Beef because if their identity were revealed their personal safety would be in danger as I am wanted for murder and Barry for a McDonald's beefburger. The pictured I am afraid is a bit blurred as it was taken after the we had won and excitement and booze seemed to affected the team photographer. Two teams of Liberal Dumbocrat researchers (suspision points to Nick Clegg's office) also entered and were true to their dumbocrat title, winning the wooden spoon with an excedingly crappy score. So just for them, let's get out the age old Lib Dumb bar chart:


Blogger Barry Beef said...

lib dems? we fucking shat 'em

3:39 PM  

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