Thursday, July 20, 2006

Plain English from IT People

The House of Lords Intranet was relaunched yesterday. Designed to be all singing and dancing it frankly looks only a bit different from the old one. However, the first piece on the site contained some golden phrases. "Welcome to the House of Lords Intranet", is how it opens, then it goes on "Following the launch of the bicameral corporate intranet homepage ". Whoa there! Can anyone tell me what in the name of Ming is a bicameral corporate intranet homepage? This website is for the benefit of aged Peers who have spent three hours trying to turn on the computer you can't use words like bicameral corporate intranet homepage, it will give them a nervous breakdown. The piece goes on to say "the Lords intranet is the first to migrate". What? Why? Where is it going? Will it go to Africa with the swallows or to Canada with the geese (see picture)? They say the site has been simplified to improve readability. I say my arse.


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