Monday, January 29, 2007

Pub Encourages Sex

As is customary, on Friday I went for a couple of drinks. However, the trappings of alcohol got the better of me and I ended up just after 11pm in St Stephen's Tavern. However, despite being drunk I could still read the rather cryptic message on the till at the bar. "Day - - - Smile, Sex". I expected the message to scroll along and reveal a more understandable slogan but it didn't, that was it. Parliament has been known for its sexual scandals involving alcohol (click here for reminder) and the realease of Party Animals on BBC 1 isn't going to do much to help Staffers not appear as sex mad drunks. However, with a bar popular with drunk staffers after the bars on the Parliamentary estate have closed encouraging this behavious is just not helpful. However, I am all in favour of smiling, there simply isn't enough of them in the working environment.

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