Thursday, January 25, 2007

Flip A Pound Not A Euro

In an interesting* debate on the Union between Scotland and England today Lord Patten gave an insight into management at UKIP. Lord Patten, who has hair that looks like a wig, had given an extremely pompous speech saying how he'd been hob-nobbing at some party to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Union and how disgraceful it was that Gordon Brown was not there as he was in India dousing the flames caused by Celebrity Big Brother. It was a pretty awful speech and Lord Lucan was falling asleep during it when he moved onto UKIP. I don't know how he moved onto UKIP, I wasn't paying attention. Anyway apparently the two UKIP Peers who are Lord Pearson of Rannoch and Lord Willoughby de Broke (a really UKIP sounding name there) meet about half an hour before the House of Lords sits to decide who will be leader of the UKIP Peers for the day. You can imagine the scene as they flip a coin to decide who gets the prestigeous role - mind you it would have to be a pound and not a euro and then the loser gets the role of deputy leader. Bloody UKIP. While writing this Baroness Fookes has been on her feet and her hair colour matches the colour of the red benches behind her perfectly.

*Please read the use of the word interesting in its loosest term.
Update: Those helpful chaps at Hansard now have the link up (click here)



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