Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tis The Season To Do Things You Would Never Do Anyother Time of the Year

Lord Lucan is on an attempt to try and loose a bit of weight before he puts it all back on over Christmas. As a result of this he has cut down big time on the booze and has made very infrequent visits to the S&S. However, news reaches him that in the season of much boozing and no judgment two patrons of the club fell victim of this. Apparently, alledgedly (and all other words to stress that I have no proof of this) two drunken people got to know each other very well on Monday night. Furthermore they got very close together just in the corridor outside the club and police were asked to "attend the scene" of this passion. Lord Lucan would be grateful if any spies were about on Monday and good feed him in on the truth or details of this story either in the comments or via email to

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