Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cheeky Quotes

More from the Cheeky Girls, as Gabriella goes on GMTV to declare her undying love for Lib Dumb MP Lembit Opik denying claims from weathergirl Sian Lloyd that their relationship was a pantomine. Gabriella, is reported on the BBC wesite that their realtionship "was very platonic [sic] at the beginning and we had long chats on the phone." Meanwhile Mama Cheeky Girl has described Lembit as a "little bit shy". Lembit has said of Sian Lloyd "brightest, most-outgoing, hard working and generous people I've had the privilege to know". Other Cheeky Girl, Monica has said that Gabriella has been so lovestruk that she has stopped going to the gym and doing her household chores and was "dreaming with eyes wide open". Frankly, I find it amazing that the Cheeky Girls do household chores! With all these batty quotes and the whole Weathergirl, Cheeky Girl, Lib Dumb MP love triangle, it just makes you wonder. Sometime truth is stranger than fiction.

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