Monday, January 22, 2007

Turner Arrest Could Have Been Worse

Over the weekend, I had a hangover. But enough about me much more interesting was Tessa Jowell's comments over the arrest of Ruth Turner. Jowell described herself as being "slightly bewildered" as to why the arrest of Ms. Turner had to happen so early in the morning. Lance Price, former Downing Street wonk, said that the arrest looked "a bit theatrical". I agree for once with Jowell in that I too am slightly bewildered why the arrest was made that early (for the record Ms. Turner was arrested at 6.30 am on Friday morning). What would have been more interesting is if the arrest had been made at social hour during Friday say about 10am or maybe 3pm. The only trouble with this is that Ms. Turner would not have been Chez Turner. Therefore police would have had to make a call to her at work where she was. Imagine the scene as police enter No. 10 and then reappear a few minutes later and escort Ms. Turner into a car. Press and media having a field day. That would have been very theatrical compared to the "bit theatrical" arrest that actually took place. Cabinet members should keep their lips sealed because the next time Yate's boys come knocking they might not be so discreet about it.

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