Monday, December 18, 2006

Lembit is the Cheeky Boy

"Liberal Dumbocrat MP has left his long term girlfriend and weathergirl Sian Lloyd and is now dating a transvestite" a sleepy Lord Lucan woke up to this news on Sunday morning. No surprise there being I Lib Dumb, I think. Imagine my surprise then that it wasn't transvestite but transylvanian and that it was a cheeky girl. One thought that April Fools Day had come early and that this was a wind up. Turns out it wasn't a wind up but is serious, expect next time the anagram gets up in the chamber either shouts about "hot fronts" or just shouts of "touch my bum". However, the best bit of this all is a quote from the cheeky girls mother, "She is a normal girl he is a normal boy". Apart from this being a whopping lie, the simarlity to a cheeky girl 'lyric' (if you can call them that) is uncanny. Cheeky Girl Lyric: "We are the cheeky girls you are a cheeky boy", Mama Cheeky Girl Quote: "She is a normal girl he is a normal boy". Makes me laugh anyway.
Cheeky Girls (L)
Cheeky Boy (R)

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