Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Marc Out of Ten Please

In the Lord Lucan Fittest Researcher of the Year it has been all quiet on the nominations front but one has come in for Marc from Chris Bryant's office. Apparently according to his nominator "he can be a contender". The Lord Lucan fittest researcher of the year competition allows all researchers to be contenders. However, whether they have a realistic chance of winning is another matter. Admittedly Marc does do better than the current nominees. However, I am certain that he can be beaten. Meanwhile it is very quiet in the women's competition which is very disappointing so come on everyone, email thelordlucan@yahoo.co.uk and get those nominations in. Meanwhile here is Marc (aint he pretty)...
Incidently I am wearing a very simaler tie today to the one Marc is wearing in the picture. Just thought I'd share that with you.


Anonymous Pookie said...

He looks like that 70s-tastic disco diva Anthony - the one that won Big Brother in 2005.

There was that toe-curling but must see flirting when Craig kept making a play for Anthony despite the fact that Anthony was straight.

I am sure, however, that the parallel ends solely with the similarity in looks.

1:16 PM  
Blogger 2Tall said...

I once saw him in the Key at Kings Cross, wearing a pink sparkly Cowboy hat.

Anthony from BB, not Marc

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Manish Boy said...

I'd like to see a picture of his arse before I vote.

5:30 PM  

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