Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dave Hits New Low

The Government might lose a vote on Iraq. This was a Plaid Cmryu and SNP debate which is pretty shambolic that the Government have to go to all this effort for the sake of a few Taffs and Jocks. The Tories have shown a remarkable double standard having mainly voted in favour of the war have now done a U-turn and decided to vote against the issue. This is clearly making the most in an attempt to behead the PM on what is one the most important issues we face at moment. When our troops are out in Iraq facing death every day David "Dave" Cameron is attempting a cheap but substatially bloody shot on the PM. So much for an end to Punch and Judy politics. Should their be an inquiry into events on Iraq? Yes. Should it be brought about by some small and relatively insignificant parties? No. Are the Tories behaving in an appropriate? Are they f*ck. As much as I would like to see Blair get a bloody nose and as much as I would like to see an inquiry into Iraq (even if like Hutton and Butler it is a whitewash), I would like to see done in a more appropriate way.


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