Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lord Levy, Sir Gulam and Noel Edmonds

Lord Levy is in a place technically termed sh*t creek and it is unfortunate that he hasn't brought a paddle along with him. He told Gulam Noon not to mention his £250k loan when filling his make me a Peer application form. Unfortunatly Sir Gulam had already filled in his form and sent it of to 10 Downing Street, not that this was a problem as Downing Street just handed it back and probably lent him the tipp-ex. Yet again we find the stink of sleeze around Lord Levy, frankly a gallon of eau d'innocence aftershave would not hide the stink around Levy. Why shouldn't the loan be mentioned? I admit that I would be ashamed if I had lent money to the Labour Party but then Sir Gulam is a supporter of the party and I am not. The other interesting thing behind the revaltions is that Sir Gulam had only planned to lend £50k-£75k but Levy wanted a million and in the end they settled on the £250k figure. What the hell? Is this deal or no deal with Levy the deperate money grabbing contestant and Sir Gulam the mysterious banker. I suppose Ruth Turner played the part of Noel Edmonds. Imagine the scene:

Ruth Turner (sporting beard, horrible shirt and stupid drawings on her hand): Today it is Lord Levy's show. How much are you hoping to win today my Lord?

Lord Levy: Well I really need a million we have an election coming up.

RT: And you picked box number 10 before the show any particular reason?

LL: Yes, I am always associating number 10 with money.

RT: Well think positive and let's open your first five boxes, your first box please.

LL: Box number 3 please

RT: Let's open box number 3 [at this point box 3 is opened revealling a million], Oh no one million pounds.

LL: F*ck it.

Show continues in annoying format until Lord Levy accepts Sir Gulam's offer of £250K.

Anyway this post has gone on long enough and I think you get the point that this whole cash for Peerages thing stinks. No matter how clean Labour thought they were they have been corrupted by power and it is time to send Levy to spend some time at Her Majesty's Pleasure (and my pleasure incidentally).


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