Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bloody 18 Dullty Street

I know I've gone on about this before but I'm sorry I'm getting really cheesed off about 18 Dullty Street. Messrs Cross and Burgin have recently been getting far too overexcited about appearing on what one of them call "The famous Doughty sofa". Famous, it's about as famous and prestigious as the fart I did while trying to get to sleep on Monday night. Secondly, the feature that has become of these people is the name dropping. This is an unsightly habit at the best of times but when the names being dropped are such small fry it is awful. I mean I'm sure Stephen Tall, Barckely Sumner, Tim Montgomerie, Donal Blaney and the one they call Zoe are very nice people but they are hardly people at the centre of the news agenda. Thirdly, is a piece on Iain Dale's, head henchman at Dullty Street, blog about someone being stopped by police filming for Dullty Street (link here). Which Mr. Dale describes as "deeply concerning". Sorry Iain but there are rules about filming which we all have to follow from the BBC to the tourist with a camcorder. It might have passed you by but there is a terrorist threat going on and your man clearly looked dodgy with his papers on the Met, filming in Westminster etc.. Also the little bugger lied as well saying that he was filming for his own personal video at home. I understand the shame in admitting you do stuff for Dullty Street but you shouldn't lie, being a politician you know that.
I would be very interested to know the viewing figures for Dullty Street because I feel that once these are out in the open then people might just realise that this is a very small thing and that actually most people turn on the TV when they get home not Dullty Street and that people get their "politics fix" from the wide range of terrestial TV shows that are on offer. Right, rant over.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

get out of bed the wrong side did we?

11:04 AM  
Blogger Barry Beef said...

i love it m'lud. i am yet to tune in to the famous station, to see the famous people on the famous sofa. All self-indulgent toss, old boy.

"Famous, it's about as famous and prestigious as the fart I did while trying to get to sleep on Monday night." - M'lud, that is too funny. Indeed, the essence of humour is truth.

Keep up the good work and see you in the Sports's Chris Waddle's birthday

4:12 PM  
Blogger Red Tamarin said...

Ditto - even though I'm into politics I have no desire whatsoever to tune in.

Standard TV might not be great these days, but then I don't watch much of that either. Any gap in my life from the absence of television has been comfortably filled with beer. To the Sports!

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I cannot even watch the toss on my computer (I'm not supported). But who cares what these people think about anything?

7:44 PM  

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