Friday, December 08, 2006

EDM Watch

Just browsing through the Early Day Motion (EDM) list I have found a short and simple and rather to the point EDM. Primarily sponsored by Gordon Prentice and with 9 other signatures EDM 381(click here for link) is titled Deputy Prime Minister and is an absolute gem. The EDM in question says "That this House believe that the post of Deputy Prime Minister serves no useful purpose and should be abolished forthwith". No word of a lie there but here is my problem with EDMs they cost money to produce and have no actual worth benefits apart from possibly 15 minutes publicity if it is on a really big issue. What Gordon Prentice is hoping to achieve with his EDM is a mystery, people know John Prescott's job has critisisms on how tenable it is and this EDM will achieve nothing along with all the rest of the EDMs. Therefore I would like an honourable member to table this EDM titled Early Day Motions, saying "That this House believe that Early Day Motions serve no useful purpose and should be abolished forthwith".

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