Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Speaker Calls MP "Muppet"

PMQs just finished. More of the same really. Tony struggled, Dave looked pretty, Ming looked old and ready to be put in a home. The only highlight from the office I was hiding in watching it was about 5 minutes before the end when everyone had switched off and gone back to sudoku/work with PMQs still on in the background. Mr. Speaker got up and called out "What a muppet", where upon we all pricked our ears at this unspeakerish behaviour, and also because we thought Ming had had his questions ages ago. In the end it was just our inablility to understand Scottish accents and what Mr. Speaker had said was "Laura Moffat" as in the MP for Crawley. Oh how we chuckled.


Blogger 2Darts said...

That's brilliant. I wished I'd heard it first hand. Unfortunately I don't get the Parliamentary telly in my new orifice. Shame.Are there audio archives anywhere to be found ?

4:17 PM  

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