Friday, March 23, 2007

S&S Quiz Night

Last night saw the welcome return of Quiz Night in the Sports and Social Club. Defending champions featuring myself, Barry Beef, F*ck All, Pookie and a masked superstar were back to defend our title and due to a change in article 7.4 subparagraph 2 of the S&S Pub Quiz Rulebook were allowed to field an additional sixth player and went for the fluffy animal lover. In order to maintain our luck we had last time we sat at the same table as last time and kept the same team name "I wish this microphone was a penis" although that seemed to be abbreviated to "penis" by the authorities. Defending our title was not going to be easy and there were many more teams involved some of whom were armed with mobile phones and WAP and sure enough we lost our title and came a disappointing but perfectly respectable 8th place. This was a great number of places higher than a team by the name of "The Final Countdown" formed together by a crowd of drunken retrobates who are normally found in the Sports every night and a drafted in ringer by the name of Recess Monkey. They were almost as unsporting as we were by having twice the number of permitted players, taunting gestures at our team and generally being drunk and boisterous. However, after scoring 1/10 in the TV Police round they were destined to get the woooden spoon, although the wooden spoon turned out to be a toy bee with a fan on it. Revenge for the taunting we expericed from them during the quiz was dished out with songs and generally poor behaviour. However, a good night was had by fall and congratulations to Na-Na-Na for falling down the stairs this morning as a result of his hangover. Oh, and well done to Joe's Team for winning.

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