Friday, March 23, 2007

Call To Arms

The 10 Downing Street Petitions' website is a marvellous thing. Even if the PM will ignore all of them, the idea that the plebs might be able to influence the dictator is a nice theoretical idea, if not a realistic one. I was emailed this morning to sign a petition which I do not agree with and decided to browse through what else I might want to sign and I came across this beauty started by a certain Rudolph Hucker...
"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Introduce Compulsory Tattooing of a BarCode on each citizen's forehead"

A stroke of genius thinking if ever I saw one. Currently, including myself, there are 18 signatories but with your help dear readers we can make it more. We can make the road pricing petition of a few weeks ago seem like a mere drop in the ocean to the amount of signatories we can get. So let's do it, signing the petition couldn't be easier, just name, email, address. They email you, you click on a link and bingo bongo, you've signed. Click here for the link and let's do this.

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