Thursday, November 16, 2006

What I Remember About Yesterday

"You were SMASHED last night ... I have never seen you so drunk (and clearly - I have seen you f*cked before). Hysterical". This little email arrived on my inbox this morning and is a pretty accurate description of my state last night. Despite a warning from family Lord Lucan proceeded to get hammered and isn't feel as bright eyed and bushy tailed as normal. The reason for such celebration, The State Opening of Parliament. Lord Lucan had a marvellous morning and managed to get a balcony view of proceedings, watching the arrivals of the carriages and the band playing. The band were excellent this year and had learnt a few new tunes which were very jazzy. The speech itself was short (normally it lasts for one pint this year I still had half left) but packed full of bills and not too much New-Labourisms (although we did have a better framework and customer advocacy snuck in there as well). Whether the government can deliver remains to be seen. The Queen is rumoured to have said that yesterday's proceedings were the best in 10 years. Hmm, that would have been Major's last State Opening as Prime Minister and this was Blair's last as PM, I wonder whether there is a connection there?


Anonymous A Source Formerly Close to the PM said...

I think several of us were somewhat 'tired and emotional' by the end of last night, M'Lud! So, Sports tomorrow then..?!?

2:01 PM  
Blogger 2Darts said...

I thought you held up rather well......last week. Could you have got anymore hammered then that?

2:16 PM  
Anonymous pookie said...

He can/does/has

2:40 PM  

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