Monday, November 13, 2006

Back to Westminster - A PC Serjeant

A quick break from all the song and dance of musicals as somebody has sent me a couple of wonderful photos. As everyone has buggered off the Serjeant at Arms has managed to check that his annunciator service works properly and on Friday afternoon ran a few tests. In order to do this he made up a name, with the SAA department as imaginative as ever they gave their fantasy MP the name of Mr. Test, here's the piccy:
This would be all well and good had it not been for a bit of PC (Political Correctness in this case rather than Police Constable or Personal Computer) madness. The Serjeant then paniced that would be seen as sexist. He knew it would be wrong to assume that a fantasy MP was a man, that it would be right to promote more women in Parliament. So just to even the balance just after Mr. Test there was a second fantasy MP, yes it was Miss. Test:
That Serjeant at Arms, he's just a crazy kid.


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